The Who, What, When and Where of temperature mapping and monitoring
Wholesalers, warehouses, distributors, dispatchers and third-party logistics who store and distribute time and temperature sensitive products. Including pharmaceuticals, veterinary, complementary medicines, foods, temperature-controlled vehicles and any other scenarios where temperature monitoring, logging, validation and qualification is required.
Mapping, Monitoring and Qualification is applicable to:
  • Cold rooms and fridges
  • Freezer rooms and freezers
  • Warehouse areas with stock that should be temperature controlled
  • Vehicles transporting temperature-sensitive products
All new temperature-controlled storage areas must be temperature-mapped as part of a fully documented verification process.
Until this is not done, it is not safe to store time and temperature sensitive products until such time that these areas are verified or qualified.
Continuous monitoring of the mapped area is required as proof of compliance.
Frequency of Mapping and Qualification:
  • New installations – before the unit can be used for storage
  • Whenever significant modifications are made to the storage area, for example
    • Changes to the layout and or shelving, and increase loading that may affect the air circulation
    • Changes to the refrigeration equipment (such as altering the set point)
    • Changes to the air-conditioning system or HVAC system
  • Mapping of temperature controlled warehouse areas should be done during a winter period as well as a summer period. This is to established whether the mapped area is able to maintain stable temperature throughout the year.
  • Subsequent mapping exercises must be carried out on a periodic basis – every three years.
  • All mapping and monitoring exercises should be fully documented in order to demonstrate compliance to management, clients and the regulatory authorities.
Mapping, Monitoring and Qualification is needed:
  • Areas where temperature and relative humidity products are manufactured stored transported sold and used
  • Online log in and monitoring of required areas
  • Instant notification directly to your mobile device of any out of specification alarm

Featured Services

Mapping and Validation

Celsius Solutions mapping and validation protocol is based on WHO (World Health Organisation) standards and requirements and also complies to regulatory bodies of South Africa.


Ensuring that new and or changed Cold Rooms meets as built specifications and required outputs.


All Temperature monitoring devices used my Celsius Solution is calibrated, approved by the WHO (World Health organisation) and Caries the CE mark.
Online and real-time monitoring and alert notification of all required areas to ensure that quality is maintained at all times.